Chet Rogers, MAI and his team possess the advanced training and experience required to deliver expert real estate appraisals in any situation involving eminent domain, from market value and income streams over time to damages and temporary loss of use.

Eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to take private property for public use, with payment of compensation. It is often a stressful and contentious process. There are several important variants of eminent domain, including partial taking and temporary construction easements. Compensation depends on the nature of the eminent domain and a robust real estate appraisal.

We have worked with private landowners, their attorneys, and municipal, county, and state governments to expertly appraise properties impacted by eminent domain. Our work includes several eminent domain takings where our appraisals were conducted for property owners, and acceptable for submission in legal proceedings. We provide assistance in:

  • Eminent domain takings of the entire property
  • Partial taking of the property, including razing a portion of a building, through eminent domain
  • Valuing severance damages
  • Valuing temporary construction easements, temporary slope easements, and driveway easements.
  • We can serve as expert witnesses to defend our appraisal in legal proeedings

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