Tax Abatements for Assessors

We can help assessors with appraising commercial properties. Our team members include former assessors from New Hampshire and Maine, so we really understand the challenges of your job. NH BTLA on the Income Approach NH BTLA on the Cost Approach Appraisal Institute on the Cost Approach


Appraisal Institute publications address the topic: The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, Sixth Edition presents three definitions applicable to unique properties: page 114   A limited-market property is “a property (or property right) that has relatively few potential buyers.” A special-purpose property is “a property with a unique physical design, special construction materials, or a layout […]

Valuation for a Tax Abatement

Fair Warning – This is strictly for nerds! The problem to be solved is to establish the fair assessment of a property based on its net operating income. The property owner thinks the assessment and resultant taxes are too high. The calculation problem is with the property taxes. You are deducting taxes that the owner […]

NH BTLA – Cost Approach

BTLA on LIMITED-MARKET and SPECIAL-PURPOSE PROPERTIES NH BTLA has ruled in favor of the Cost Approach for limited-market and special-purpose properties. It is called “use value”. As excerpted here: “Subject property is a unique, special purpose property, due to its size and design. It is appropriate for one use, or a very limited number of […]

NH BTLA – Income Approach

The New Hampshire Bureau of Tax and Land Appeals has set precedents for using the Income Approach in appraisals for tax abatements Use fee simple interest, not leased fee interest. The capacity for earning income, not actual income, reflects the fair cash value of the non-regulated privately owned commercial property for taxation. When the actual […]

Basics For Tax Abatements

There are numerous common value issues that can be raised on appeal: Comparable listings or sales Existing zoning Functional or External Obsolescence Loss of visibility or signage Land with out-sized demolition or grading costs Floodplain Environmental issues External Nuisances-Public or Private Land improvement defects This is a short version, there are many more issues. Tax […]