Tax Abatements for Property Owners

The New Hampshire Tax Abatement Process In New Hampshire, the Department of Revenue Administration establishes an equalization ratio on an annual basis. To calculate what the municipality claims the property is worth in a given tax year, divide the total assessed value by the equalization ratio. Assessments are set on April 1 of each year, […]


BANKRUPTCY APPRAISALS Chet Rogers, MAI and his team understand the dynamics of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Fundamentally, the property owner/debtor is seeking a relatively low market value, while creditors seek a higher market value. Determining the present value of the income stream going forward is critical. Commercial real estate appraisers must be approved by the […]


Commercial appraisals are commonly required to support the financing of commercial real estate. These appraisals must be both USPAP and FIRREA compliant. Why you need a commercial real estate appraisal is just as important as what you need appraised. The purpose of the appraisal often determines the type of appraisal required. Since 2003 Chet Rogers, […]